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A story to tell.

Cattani A story to tell.

The beautiful morainic hills of the Southern part of Lake Garda around the Cavriana area were scene to major battles and historical meetings; people such as Isabella d'Este, Napoleon III and Charles De Gaulle have walked among the cypress trees and vineyards; and here the Italians fought for their independence. Today, the soft slopes give the landscape an undulating and gentle appearance, a few steps from Lake Garda; the medieval towers and ancient villages sprout among the hills, relating to important people and events from the past.

Ancient passions.

To tell a story that goes back more than 90 years a book would not be enough. But at the Cattani Agricultural Company, with a strong family tradition that has been handed down over the generations, serve only a few lines to witness the close relationship they have with their land. It is here, among the green morainic hills, that the Cattani Agricultural Company cultivates its vineyards, respecting the old tradition but at the same time using modern technology. The result is a selection of wines that are pure poetry.

35 hectares of poetry.

Paretaio, Riarso, Vigna Noble: the Cattani vineyards have names such as the ancient land around them. Distributed on the hills, about 120 metres above sea level, overlooking the land of Gonzaga, on the border between the provinces of Mantua, Brescia and Verona. The vineyards are selected among the most well-known varieties, to give the best from the morainic land which is of glacial origin in the Southern part of Lake Garda. Cultivated for centuries with stubbornness and perseverance, gives life to a green and exuberant hilly landscape, witness to a generous land.

Tradition and technology.

The heart of the Cattani winey is a fresh and moist cave cut out of stone: during the war they used the cave to hide wine, oil and precious goods. Today the small cave has become the barrel room. The sheds was used to leave goods and chattels, now accommodate the modern sto-rage and production equipment for grapes. The old barns have been converted into comfortable environments for groups of tourists and friends. Visiting the Cattani winery, so rich in history, is like rediscovering ancient lost sites.


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Man and Nature.

Inland Garda is unique. The gentle hills permit exposure to the sun throughout the entire day; and the air currents coming from the plains of Padua and Lake Garda, create the perfect climate for cultivating grapes. The morainic earth, partly rocky and partly clay, has required considerable efforts from man, but now, after centuries of cultivation, the landscape is full of vineyards, almond trees, cherry trees, olive trees, orchards and cypresses. Only the palm trees and oleanders, along the driveway of the Cattani winery, can tell of distant lands. The grape harvest is still the most precious and delicate moment of the winery: it is here that the choices of man and nature made throughout an entire year show their result. In the early hours of the morning, old and new friends meet up to gather the grapes still using the old tradition: the bunches of grapes are harvested one by one, by hand, placed in small boxes and transported quickly to the winery. The grapes are then placed in the cooling cell at a controlled temperature until the moment of wine pressing and processing.

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